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Cataracts,  age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes related retinopathy and eye injuries in a nutshell - causes, symptoms, what you can do and the good news can be found here.


Vision Support Agencies

Albinism Trust   ...Useful support and information about Albinism and issues with eyesight

Glaucoma NZ   ...A charitable trust dedicated to preventing blindness from glaucoma

Retina NZ   ...Providing support to those with retinal degeneration

MD Foundation   ...Macular Degeneration NZ offers information and advice about macular degeneration (also called AMD ARMD or age-related maculopathy)

Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind   ...Providing support for the blind and partially sighted

Red Cross   ...Providing support to the community

And….other information sites:
Living with Low Vision - This Ministry of Health publication has information about managing daily tasks, help and rehabilitation, and where to go for help for people who have low vision.

Colour Vision Simulator  ...What a person with colour deficient vision may see   

The Eyecare Trust   ...A British organisation that aims to raise the awareness of all aspects of ocular health

Eye disease & prevention